How to register Holiday House Rental

STEP1:  How to add Holiday Rental House

Follow written and instructional Videos below

1.Log into your account. Click on the arrow pointing downwards, after the business name.

2.Click on the arrow pointing downwards, after the business name.

3.Click on Dashboard.

4.Scroll down the menu bar on the left to Rentals, and click on the arrow opposite Rentals.

5.Click on Add New Rentals.

6.Under Basic Info, enter Rental Name.

7.Under Description, describe the hotel in detail.

8.Under Short Intro, summarise the main features of the holiday house.

9.Enter Details of the Holiday Home, the number, Maximum number of adults, maximum number of children, number of beds, number of bathrooms, and room size.

10.Click on continue.

11.Select Amenities, by selecting those that are available in the holiday home. Under Suitability select those that apply to your holiday rental house.

12.Add Holiday House Price.

13.Add Holiday House Phone number.

14.Under Bookings Options, select Instant and Enquire booking.

15.Click Continue.

16.Upload Featured image.

17.Upload Image Gallery.

18.Click on continue.

19.Enter Rental Home Price.

20.Click Continue.

21.Under Rental Location, Select Country first, then select town or city.

22.Enter the name and physical address of the rental home.

23.Enter the physical address of the rental home on the map.

24.Enter properties nearby, and their distance from your rental property, if applicable.

25.Click, Complete your registration.

26.Scroll down the left side menu to My Rental.

27.Click on my rental.

28.Check that the Holiday rental home has been added successfully.

29.Click on Add New rental, if you need to add another rental.

How to make a Holiday Rental Home Available

Log in to your Holiday Rental Home Dashboard.

  1. Click Edit.
  2. Click Availability.
  3. Click Bulk Edit.
  4. Tick all days of the week, Days of the Month, Months, and years. Initially, we make the holiday house available throughout the year. Later we will edit, to make it booked or unavailable as will be shown next video.
  5. Add Price.
  6. Choose available under Status.
  7. Click Save.
  8. After clicking Save, you will see a spinning wheel. Wait for it to stop spinning.
  9. A message, added successfully, will appear.
  10. Click on Continue
  11. Scroll down and click on Continue, followed by Continue, until Complete. Green ticks should appear on the headings basic info, info, photos, price, locations, and availability. This step is important for double-checking if the information is correct.
  12. Finally, click on Complete.
  13. This completes the steps of making a rental home available. The next video will demonstrate how to make a holiday home unavailable or booked.


How to make a Rental Home Unavailable or Booked.

1.Click on the arrow opposite the business name.

2.Click on Dashboard.

3.Scroll down the left side menu to Rentals.

4.Click on the arrow opposite rentals.

5.Click on Rentals.

6.Click on My rentals.

7.Click on Edit.

8.Click on Availability.

9.Click on Bulk Edit.

10.Choose days of the month, months, and year when the Rental home will be unavailable.

11.Enter Room Price.

12.Under status, choose unavailable.

13.Click Save.

14.Message, added successfully, should appear.

15.Click Close.

16.Blank white space should appear on booked, or unavailable dates.

17.Click Continue.

18.Message Successfully should appear.

19.Scroll down to the bottom.

20.Click on Continue, followed by Continue, until Complete. Green ticks should appear on the headings basic info, info, photos, price, locations, and availability. This step is important for double-checking if the information is correct.

How to sync Website and Google Calendar Bookings.

1.Log into your Google account.

2.Click calendar.

3.In this example the Hotel is booked(unavailable) from 11 -20 February and available from 1-10 February and from 21-28 February. 0|unavailable copy and paste into your calendar.

4. Enter Price as the title for example 100, in this example.

5.Then click Save.

6.Double click on the Price. Click on Edit.

7.Enter the dates when the room is available. (1-10 February in this example)

8.Click Save

9.Double click on the date. Copy and paste 0|unavailable, as the title. (Unavailable dates from 11-20 February in this example).

10.Enter 0|unavailable for the dates the room is booked or unavailable.

11.Click Save.

12.Repeat steps 4-8 for available dates from the 21-28 February.

13.Finally check if the changes reflect on the Calendar.

How to sync Website and Google Calendar bookings

Step 1. Log in to your Home Away(VRBO) account.

Step 2. Select My Listings, in the dashboard.

Step 3. The calendar will appear on the left, make some dates available through the calendar or date range.

Step 4.Scroll down to Export Calendar and copy URL and paste on your website calendar as shown in the Google calendar above.

HomeAway calendar 1

How to synchronize TripAdvisor and your business account.

Step 1. Log into your TripAdvisor account.

Step 2. Select Calendar in the Dashboard.

Step 3. Ste up available Bookings on the calendar.

Step 4. Finally, click on Export, on the right sidebar, copy URL and paste it on your calendar.


TripAdvisor calendar

How to Synchronize Airbnb calendar and your Calendar

Step 1 Log into your Airbnb account.

Step 2. Select Listings on the menu bar.

Step 3. Configure Calendar under Availability.

Step 4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to Export Calendar, copy the URL and paste it on your calendar.

Airbnb calendar 1
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